Hello, world! My name is Kevin Kenger. 🤘

Engineering and design have propelled me forward for over a decade, but what's exciting is how much there is still to learn. I have a weird affinity for documentation and style guides. If you want to nerd out about new tech or Airbnb's amazing style guides, feel free to email me.

I'm currently the Head of Design at Recruiting.com and previously led the engineer team at Vibrant Web. I created the documentation for the Recruiting.com design process, which we called Komponents. Lately, we've been working on an artificial intelligence recruitment solution named Olivia by Recruiting.ai. If you'd like, you can check out some screenshots of Olivia's interface.

I'm passionate about learning and teaching. When I get free time, I work on LearnCode.org, my very unfinished, to-be free and open source, two-year-old project for teaching learners of all ages how to write code.

Below is a curated list containing five of my recent projects, which currently are all career sites for Recruiting.com as I'm not currently taking on any freelance projects.

To see some of my older stuff, you can check out my first portfolio.