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Kevin Kenger

Designer, developer & creative director

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Nice to meet you.

My name is Kevin Kenger. I'm a 27-year-old tinkerer from Arizona. I love building things and solving creative problems. I'm passionate about good design, clean code, and learning new things. I try to make every day better than the last.

I started creating things for the web when I was 11. My mom signed me up for an HTML class at the local library and I immediately fell in love. After that, I started creating MySpace layouts for friends and local bands as a way to make money.

I'm always improving.

I'm currently the Creative Director at a boutique marketing agency called Nifty, and before this I was the Head of Design at Recruiting.com. Before that I was Lead Developer at a local WordPress agency. I've been blessed to lead teams of incredible people for the majority of my career in this field.

Continuous learning propels me forward and allows me to enrich peoples' lives with technology and design on a daily basis.

I have aspirations.

Outside of anything music related (my first love), my ultimate goal is to share my knowledge with others. I'm currently working on a passion project called LearnCode.org that will eventually be a place for learners of all ages to come and learn to code.

    AI & Chat Interfaces

  • Olivia  Matching jobs with candidates
  • Blockchat  Work in progress
  • Typefaces

  • Nifty Sans  Nifty's own typeface
  • Website Applications

  • LearnCode.org  Work in progress
  • Desktop Applications

  • Tiny-do  A tiny to-do list application
  • VideoHub  Work in progress
  • Mobile Applications

  • Commit  Reach goals with others
  • JavaScript Games

  • Pac-Man  Eat dots and ghosts. Yum!
  • Super Mario  Work in progress
  • Older Web Design


    Harris Health

    Rutter Mills


    Recruiting.com Design Framework

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